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is an exclusive right granted by a government that confers upon the inventor of an invention for a set period of time, generally for a term of 20 years from the date of application.  Patent right excludes others from making, using, or selling a claimed invention or products once granted to an inventor or his or her heirs or assignees for the above patent term.

Protection laws and regulations are enforced in most developing countries. In the United States, Patents are protected after the patent issued with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).

A Patent Application should be filed with Oath or Declaration for inventor(s) and Patent Specification and Claims for disclosing the invention and claiming the patent right to the USPTO. In approximately 8-12 weeks from the actual filing date, an Official Filing receipt will be issued, therein the USPTO concedes receipt of the application and inform us of the application number and filing date assigned to the Patent Application.

If there is no objection or rejection to the claim(s), specification and/or drawing(s), a Notice of Allowance will be issued, other than that a final office action will be produced.

About 12 to 24 months from the filing date, an Office Action will be received from the USPTO informing us the patent search results and any objection and/or rejection to the claim(s), specification and/or drawing(s). Generally the applicant is informed to respond to the Office Action within the time. specified in the notice (generally 3 months). If an Amendment or Response filed with respect to the Office Action overcomes the objection(s) and/or rejection(s), a Notice of Allowance will be issued. Otherwise, a Final Office Action may be received within 3-6 months from the date the response to the first Office Action filed.

After payment of the Issue Fee in three months from the mailing date of the Notice of Allowance, a Patent Certificate will be granted with Patent Number and Date of Patent.



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