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John Richardson
+ Associate US Represent Patent Agent
+ David & Raymond Patent Firm

Patent Search and Prosecution.  Specifically a patent agent provides intellectual property service to a wide range of clients in the power generation, heavy equipment industry, earth moving equipment, computer software arts and retained by the US Navy to support the underwater naval warfare devices.  

B.S in Mechanical Engineering
M.S in Nuclear Physics


During the period 1997-2004 as an examiner with the US Patent & Trademark office in the Technical Center dealing with security related patent application, had issued over 300 utility patents.

Since 2004 as a registered patent agent of record for prosecuting  non-provisional utility, design and provisional applications in a variety of arts, such as general medical applications, cancer radiation therapy applications, surgical equipment art, nuclear facilities arts, electrical equipment art, mechanical apparatus, software inventions involving computer data management equipment art,  numerous applications for a wide range of heavy equipment and earth moving equipment and US Navy underwater warfare inventions.

Professional Affiliations:
Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the state of Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Chartered Engineer (C. Eng) in the UK
Licensed European Engineer (Eur.lng)


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