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  • 世界杯足球案例
    專利號碼:7740782, 6656067
    A sportsball includes a ball cover, a bladder disposed in the ball cover, and a stress absorbing layer provided between the ball cover and the bladder. The ball cover has a valve hole provided thereon and consists of a plurality of panels each having a predetermined shape connected edge to edge...
  • NBA籃球案例
    Basketball With Cushion Layers
    A basketball, which is more durable and has a softer feeling to reduce the painful during ball passing and shooting, especially suitable for children, training players and amateur players, includes a spherical bladder carcass and a plurality of cover panels. The bladder carcass has a plurality of...
  • 美国排碳標準最低的發電机
    Exhaust filter system for non-road engine
    專利號碼:7279141, 7399455, 7662346
    An exhaust filter system, adapted for removing substances entrained in an exhaust gas from a nonroad engine, includes a casing having a filter cavity for communicating with an exhaust outlet of the generator and a filter core which includes a plurality of filtering loops, each having a plurality...
  • 世界上最小的IMU案例
    Core inertial measurement unit
    A core inertial measurement unit, which is adapted to apply to output signals proportional to rotation and translational motion of a carrier, respectively from angular rate sensors and acceleration sensors, is employed with MEMS rate and acceleration sensors. Compared with a conventional IMU, the...
  • 世界上第一個數字運動傳感器案例
    Process and system of energy signal detection
    A process and system of energy signal detection, which improves sensitivity, performance and reliability thereof and reduces false alarms by distinguishing between noise and real signals, includes the steps of receiving a plurality of data samples and generating a predetermined number of construc...
  • 成功為眼鏡架申請的一系列專利
    專利號碼:7637607, 6791584,7152974,7011407,7249841,7401917, 7246899,7322691,7575319,7404634
    A shelter frame includes two shelter lenses, two lens holders provided at two outer sides of the shelter lenses respectively, and a retractable arm extended between two inner sides of the shelter for applying a retractable force therebetween to adjust the control distance. When the shelter lenses...
  • 成功為Epiclone Inc.成功申請的一項關于遺傳工程的專利
    Method for knocking out gene transcripts by covalently binding of an anti-sense probe
    The present invention provides a simple, specific and nontoxic gene knock-out method by formation of covalently bonding between modified probes and targeted sequences. When covalently modified first strand probes are hybridized with a second strand of targeted gene transcripts, certain modified...
  • 高效二極體光源案例
    Light source arrangement
    專利號碼:7543977, 7401945,7331700, 7111963, 7104672, 6922018, 6880956, 6737811, 6715900, 6578998, 5924785
    A light source arrangement includes an electric input adapter for electrically connecting with a power source and a light head including a supporting frame and a luminary unit. The supporting frame has a dissipating end and a peripheral surface provided thereon. The luminary unit includes a...
  • 健康保健品案例
    Health care shoe
    A health care shoe, which can continuously provide adequate magnetic field arranged to penetrate through the wearer's foot for improving the wearer's blood circulation and metabolism, includes a sole having a plurality of magnet cavities specifically indented and distributed on an inner surface...
  • 成功為Farlong International Inc.的藥劑申請的專利
    Breviscapinum and extracting process thereof from erigeron breviscapus
    An extracting process for extracting breviscapinum from erigeron breviscapus, wherein the breviscapinum has a chemical structure of 4',5,6-trishydroxyflavone-7-glucuronide that can increases cerebral blood flow for significantly decreasing cerebrovascular resistance; raises permeability of...
  • 這是成功為刺繡品申請的一件專利
    Process and configuration of protruding embroidery
    A protruding embroidery process which is specially adapted for mass production includes the following steps. Lay and affix a filler by adhering or sewing on an embroidering background element, in which the filler has an even thickness and a size larger than a controur size of a desired embroideri...
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